Steal This Woman’s Secrets to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

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How many times have you step foot into your home and were bombarded with the overbearing smell of failed kitchen projects or pet odors? If your home smell bad to your nose, just imagine how it must smell to those that aren’t around those odors 24/7! Don’t worry, there’s a very simple fix for this humungous odor problem.

No, we’re not talking about using sprays and candles to mask the smell. Concealing odors with a spray won’t do much other than potentially cause lung damage over time, and candles are, well, candles. Leaving a lit candle unattended can spell disaster in the blink of an eye. So, after tossing these go-to methods of masking home smells, what other alternatives are there? This might be a silly question, but have you tried using all-natural ingredients?

This isn’t as silly as you might think. This ingenious woman found out a number of different ways of using everyday ingredients in her pantry to create homemade air freshers that actually work! Curious to see what they are? Click next to find out!